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matt coby


Matt stumbled into film sound in 1997 in New Orleans, and has since worn just about every post-sound hat. He has been credited as a Supervising Sound Editor, Re-recording Mixer, Sound Designer, even a Music Supervisor, but he most frequently works as a Dialog Editor.


He started his career in music, however, eight years earlier at a small music publishing/production company between Nashville and Muscle Shoals.  They were developing recording artists and songwriters and just beginning to generate major label interest in R&B singer/songwriter, Brian McKnight.  Matt trained and worked as a recording engineer, but also as a publishing administrator and songplugger.  When success eventually carried the biggest fish to bigger ponds than Northern Alabama, Matt was eager to follow suit.  He had all but packed his bags for Los Angeles in 1994, when a late-night Tarot card reading followed by an unlikely encounter with a Cajun band convinced him to instead head south, where he found work at one of New Orleans' premier music recording studios, Ultrasonic.


Not long after, Matt's background in music publishing helped convince a locally-filmed television series (The Big Easy, USA) to hire Ultrasonic for music clearance and licensing, and eventually music supervision. This foray into the world of post-production sound inspired the studio's owner, Jay Gallagher, to partner with Larry Blake in building New Orleans' first film mixing stage, now known as Swelltone Labs.  Matt remained a full-time employee of Swelltone Labs until Katrina shook things up in September of 2005... 

After a year of running an accidental construction company, followed by a year-long backpacking trip around the world, Matt returned to film sound in 2008 as a freelance sound editor. He has continued to work closely with Larry and Swelltone, but has also been involved with numerous other local projects, including two seasons as the Assistant Music Supervisor and Assistant Music Editor on HBO's Treme.  Matt is also an active member of the Motion Picture Editors Guild.


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