Sazerac Sound

Top-Shelf Post Production Sound


Stressed about your post process and worried about unexpected costs and problems? Let us manage and supervise it for you. With Sazerac Sound on the team starting at the pre-production phase, we can help you locate your production sound team. Let us coordinate with production sound and follow it into editorial and delivery. We can ensure smooth transitions and make sure that someone is always paying attention to your sound. If you would like to have consistency through all the steps of the film process, ensuring that your vision is achieved, then look no further.


We provide full sound editorial services. Dialog, Sound Effects, Foley, Music. Each section expertly crafted and prepared for the mix.


Sazerac Sound can offer the custom sound design you are looking for to really give your project it’s own voice.


We have all the high quality custom ingredients prepared, what is left? The blend of each in just the right amounts is what makes your finished product truly a work of art.